Why Should I Seal?

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When you buy a new carpet you probably have it stain guarded and certainly you will wax your car, you do this to protect their surface and make them last longer. The same applies to paving and flooring, whether it is outside – block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, stone or flags, or inside – stone, slate, travertine, etc., – they all need care to look better and last longer. Applying the sealer will protect the surface, reduce maintenance, and help it last longer. In addition, it will also stop oil and grease stains and help resist the growth of weeds, moss and algae. It is particularly important to use a sealer on block paving as it acts as a structural stabiliser. The sand is a structural part of block paving spreading the load by friction from one block to the next. It is important to keep the sand in position and stop it being eroded by wind and rain water. The protective properties of the sealer will not only lengthen the life of your paving (as it reduces physical wear), but will also keep it looking like new as the inbuilt UV filter will help retain its natural colour.