What Sealer do I need for my Type of Paving and how much will I need?

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At AdSeal we manufacture a complete range of sealers and impregnators for every surface. If you have block paving or imprinted concrete, you will need our Block Paving and Imprinted Concrete Sealer. This sealer is specifically designed for these man-made products If your paving is a stone, slate or travertine or any other natural material, you will need our Stone and Slate Sealer as it has been designed for the differing physical & chemical properties of natural materials. For clay paviors (brick paving) you will need our Stone and Slate Sealer as clay paviors/brick pavers are made from clay, which is a natural product. If you are looking for a high gloss or very hard wearing sealer you should choose our Heavy Duty Sealer For a totally matt (invisible) finish choose InvisiSeal Eco friendly water based sealer ideal for most unglazed surface. Odour free and will imparts an attractive sheen. How much you need will depend to a large degree upon how porous the surface is. For example an old and weathered block paving driveway will require more sealing than a brand new one as the surface has worn and become more porous. In general terms, however, you will need about 25 litres to cover 60 sqm of paving in the recommended two coats.