Water Based Stains. A New Choice – A Better Choice?

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A third and lesser-known way to colour or recolour concrete is to use water based stains.

Adseal BMN 4

Water based stains cost a little more than paint or acid based chemical stains but their benefits are arguably worth it. They also offer some of the lowest installation costs of all.

Like an acid based stain, water based stains permeate the concrete to leave a permanent colour that won’t chip, flake or fade. Unlike acid based chemical stains however they do not contain any hazardous chemicals making them better for the environment as well as safe to use by unskilled labour.

Water based stains also give off virtually zero odour and are completely predictable. The colour you see in the tin is the colour you’ll end up with. The colour choices are almost infinite too. You can even mix colours to achieve a very specific shade or hue.

Adseal BMN 3

Water based stains can also be used to create all manner of effects, such as the veins of marble or the aged and weathered appearance of slates or tiles. In addition they can be used to replicate acid etching or on previously acid etched surfaces to completely eliminate any blotches.

Finally, water based stains were originally developed with detailing work in mind. As a result, they can be used to create intricate patterns and designs like logos, house names and house numbers with the help of a stencil.

Water based stains may be a new choice on the UK market but to Adseal – a business with over 45 years of surface protection and concrete colouring experience – they are a better choice. That’s why we have developed one of the biggest ranges in the UK.

Once the trade professional or homeowner has experienced the benefits of water based stains for themselves, we’re confident they’ll be equally converted.

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