Seal Your Internal Tiles Without Changing Their Appearance

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Even after ageing your surface won’t change colour or texture once Invisiseal is applied. Invisiseal allows moisture ‘out’ whilst preventing oil, grease and dirt stains from penetrating. Invisiseal is not a silicone pore blocker nor is it a sealant/coating – both of which work by blocking the capillaries (pores) in the surface.

Easy maintenance, all you need to do is sweep regularly to remove abrasive dirt and grit from surface and mop or hose daily using clean water. A mild detergent can be hand applied to heavy stains. Spills and marks should be wiped up/cleaned off and not allowed to dry on. With the proper care you’re surface can last indefinitely!

A proven product already used on major projects such as Liverpool One, Bolton City Centre, National Trust properties. Shop here.