Restore and Decorate Concrete with Smart Colour Stain

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NewLook® SmartColour Stain™ is a water-based, premium quality concrete colour stain used to add colours, patterns and unique decorative effects to previously coloured surfaces or to rejuvenate old, tired-looking concrete. Multi coat applications are used to build visual textures, faux effects, veining, etc.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Create fun graphics, designs, or just give new life into existing concrete. It is ideal for interior floors, architectural design projects, civic buildings, shopping areas and any projects requiring a coloured, decorative floor or paved area with hard wearing properties.

An easy to use water based non-acid stain that penetrates the surface of porous concrete, staining to almost any desired colour with a strong bond – no stripping, flaking or peeling & no solvent smells. It will even recolour dark to light!

With over 20 different colours, you’re sure to find the perfect combination for your project. Find out more information and shop here.