Here you can find some useful galleries of colours and finished work using the products available in the website

Stamped Concrete Stain Combinations

Stamped Concrete Staining

Antique your stamped concrete stain textures using NewLook’s Translucent Color Enhancer or SmartColor, both water based concrete stains. The translucent concrete stain puddles in the textured areas of relief and dries darker to give the surface a two-tone, antiqued finish.

Residential Concrete Staining

Residential Concrete Staining

NewLook decorative concrete stains are the perfect solution for coloring your residential concrete floor. As an environmentally friendly system of concrete stain products, they are non-acid and non-acrylic. This means there is no need to ventilate the area or seal the concrete floor.

Commercial and Governmental Concrete Staining

Commercial Concrete Staining

Check out pictures of commercial stained concrete. NewLook’s decorative concrete stains are perfect for your architectural, commercial and municipal projects.

Faux Combinations Concrete Stains

Faux Combinations Concrete Staining

Decorative concrete stain includes more than just acid stain for faux finishing or “faux painting”, as some say. It includes water based concrete stain, like NewLook’s SmartColor, which can also be used to faux marble or create other faux finishes.