Will applying a block paving sealant kill all the weeds currently in between my block paving, or do I need to have them uprooted first?

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No you need to remove all weeds before sealing

If block paving sealant gets on surrounding areas such as garden walls during application, how do I get it off?

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I can be very dificult to remove sealer from walls etc.. so if this is something you wish to avoid, the best thing is to mask off the area before sealing. The only way to remove sealer is with solvent but no guarantee it will remove all.

Will applying a concrete sealer to my driveway keep it free of weeds?

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It will help to reduce the weeds as the sealer will make it much more diifcult for weeds and mould to get a foothold, Ideally the drive will need to be kept clean and free from dirt where weed seeds will try to germinate