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Does my stamped/printed concrete driveway definitely require sealing?

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The simple answer is yes, it is important that stamped or printed concrete is well sealed as the colour in the concrete is only in the first few millimetres, so if the colour wears off back to the concrete it is very difficult if not impossible to get it looking right again.

The easiest way to avoid this is to make sure the seal is regularly maintained.

Why Is Sealing Important & Why Do I Need It?

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Sealing a surface, especially your driveway is beneficial in the long run, as it provides a protective coating for your tarmac, block paving, stone and concrete. Just as rust proofing is advantageous for vehicles, driveway sealing protects your driveway’s surface from wear & tear.

I just had my driveway laid. How long should I wait before I begin the sealing process?

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A common misconception is that you have to wait 3-9 months to seal paving, this is not the case at all, as long as there is no efflorescence (white chalky deposits on the surface) then the paving can be sealed as soon as it has been laid.

Are sealants manufactured for concrete driveways toxic?

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Whenever you are buying sealants, check for hazard and safety warnings on the product label. Generally, there are non-toxic products available in the market.