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Resin bound stone

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Steve Varden

If I were to cover my concrete driveway with resin bound stone, would I be able to park a 4,500kg Mercedes Sprinter based motorhome on it without it sinking in?

As long as it is being laid on concrete and as long as the installation is done correctly it will be fine to park the motorhome on.

Drew Palin

What is the best sealer to use for a resin bound aggregate driveway?

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Graham Felton

Hi I have a resin surface driveway. The stones are coming loose more often. Could you tell me what sealer I would need and the best application kind regards Graham

Hi Graham

The only sealers I ever recommend using on Resin bound stone are our water based sealers (linked below).

Solvent based sealers, if over applied can cause the resin bound stone to lift and ultimately break up, using the water based you will never have this issue, regardless of how much you apply.
Drew Palin

I have a patio consisting of a mixture of slabs and paviers. I am thinking of removing the paviers and replacing with resin stone, laid over the existing screed. would it work?.

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No – you need a firm, clean, smooth surface to lay resin bound stone on – a concrete slab is ideal

We have a small area of paving to do about 5 m2, does the gravel come with the resin packs ?

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No The garvel or aggregate is seperate.

Whats your delivery time ?

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Delivery is usually 2-5 days

I have 40m2 flagged area in back garden can I use your bonded resin aggregate packs to cover and do you do bulk discount?

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No You need a solid base to lay the Resin bound stone, all flags regardless of how well they are laid will move to some degree, if you apply the resin bound stone over this it will crack and mirror the flag joints and no we cannot offer discounts on this product.