Can I apply sealer if it is forecast to rain that day?

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Clearly avoid rain if you can but, because rain can catch you unawares you should be using one of these two.

Adseal Block Paving & Imprinted Concrete Sealer SP

A solvent based sealer designed to be less susceptible to rain spotting than other sealers.

It’s all in the formula and with clever blending of a range of resins combined with years of practical experience, we have developed a formula that provides outstanding performance and has an exceptional ability to cope with rain spotting – we have many anecdotal reports of rain showers arriving either shortly after or just as sealing is finished and there being literally no sign of rain spotting – and if there is, then it’s easy to remove it.

Adseal eXtreme Water Based Sealer

The other option is using our water-based acrylic/PU hybrid Sealer with a unique recipe allowing it to be applied onto damp surfaces – such as just after a rain shower

Modern water based hybrids are very hard wearing and Eco friendly – safe, non hazardous, low odour, etc..

Again it’s all in the formula plus years of practical experience which has enabled us to develop a product that performs exceptionally well  for use on damp surfaces


Is it okay to seal if the surface is damp?