5 Reasons to Use Paving for a Patio

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Creating a patio is easy when you use pavers! You can choose from a variety of materials to get the look you want, and it’s a lot easier than building a deck from wood.

  1. Design – You can get creative with the size and shape of your patio with paving slabs. Circles and squares while timeless might not look the best with your space, instead you might have more of a kidney bean shape to make the most of your garden. With an experienced paving installer possibilities are almost endless!
  2. Longevity – Wooden decks often rot or break down in time. If properly looked after and sealed your paving slabs will be in great condition for a number of years. Many of our sealants are made to last, or be built upon so there’s no need to strip them before applying new sealant.
  3. More Space – Creating a paved area can create a usable area that otherwise may not have been suitable due to it not being level; such as a place for a table and chairs, hot tub, or flat surface to put heaters and canopies on.
  4. Low Maintenance – Simply pressure wash your paving or use moss and algae remover as needed to keep your paving area looking great all year round. No mowing or structural fixing needed!
  5. Increase Propert Value – People love low maintenance gardens, and outdoor areas that can be useful. Your new paved area can create a fantastic return when you come to sell your home.

Have you installed a paved patio? We have a great range of products to help you take care of it to ensure you get the most out of your outside space.