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Water Based Sealer Gloss

Water Based Sealer Gloss
WB-34 Sealer Label WB-34 Sealer 5 Litres WB-34 Sealer 15 Litres Driveway Sealed With Water Based WB-34 Sealer
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34% solids water-based nano-acrylic hybrid, high sheen sealer for concrete and masonry. Quick drying with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance


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Water Based Sealer Gloss - Eco-friendly

For most porous surfaces- block paving printed concrete stone masonry, rendering etc.- Eco Friendly high Sheen Sealer provides a very durable, protective barrier against water, oil, grease stains, etc., on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and imparts a high sheen.  

Developed by our own design team, this amazing product can be used on most porous surfaces and its ultra low odour makes it ideal for internal work as well as external.

The Adseal Water Based Sealer Gloss proprietary water-based, nano-acrylic formula dries quickly and creates a very strong, protective, blush resistant film. Once cured, Adseal WB-34 has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance; it also resists hot-tyres, rain, UV, most common household chemicals, oil and grease. Use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

A Proven Commercial Product

A proven product already used on major projects and is ideal for use on

  • Driveways, car parks, paths, etc
  • Block paving, Imprinted Concrete etc.
  • Natural Stone and Slate
  • Masonry and rendering
  • Wall and Floor surfaces
  • Stairs, terraces, pedestrian walkways


Very hard wearing with excellent longevity, which, with correct maintenance and depending upon surface type, potentially indefinite. Externally potentially 4 – 6 years before recoating, depending upon surface type. Can subsequently be recoated without the need to strip.


Sweep regularly to remove abrasive dirt and grit from surface and mop or hose regularly using Adseal Orange degreaser diluted as per instructions in clean water. Adseal Orange degreaser can be hand applied undiluted to heavy stains. Spills and marks should be wiped up/cleaned off and not allowed to dry on. 
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Support and Tech Info:

We are more than happy to share our extensive practical and technical knowledge and expertise with you. Whether you are sealing for the first time, an experienced installer or a Specifier with a technical query, we are here to help
telephone: 01204 362828
email: sales@advancedsealingsolutions.co.uk

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  • Much tougher than standard water based acrylics
  • Eco friendly with virtually no smell
  • A water based product which is environmentally friendly
  • Virtually no effect on slip resistance of the treated surface
  • Non yellowing
  • Enhances the natural beauty and prevents staining
  • UVA and Fade resistant and can be used internally or externally
  • Excellent coverage. Approx 8 m2 per litre depending on surface porosity
  • Supplied in 5ltr and 15ltr containers
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Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet
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Internal wall Sealant

This question was asked by - Vivien Gillies
I have uncovered a stone wall inside my house. The stone needs sealed to stop dust but it is also dull looking. What would be the best product of yours to use? I would prefer a gloss finish to a Matt finish. As itís an internal wall I understand it needs to be able to breathe or damp becomes an issue. Please can you advise?

For an Internal wall I would recommend using our Water based sealer (link below), it is safe to work with when applying it to a vertical surface and it has very little odour so wont smell the house out.

Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34) Drew Palin

Concrete waterproofer

This question was asked by - Andrew Morris
We have cast a garage base 2 weeks ago alas labourer forgot admixture so looking for a penetrating concrete sealer as a waterproofer from rising damp, therefore can you recommend any of your sealers to fill the voids ?

Pretty much any of the sealers will help to stop damp, I have put links to 2 different products, the first is our most popular solvent based sealer for concrete surfaces, the second is a water based based option (no harmful chemicals or strong smell).

Either will be fine to use. Block Paving & Imprinted Concrete Sealer SP (BPCSP) Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34) Drew Palin

What quantity of sealants will I require for sealing my driveway?

This all depends on how porous the paving is, but as a general rule of thumb for applying 2 coats a 25ltr drum will cover approx: block paving 50m per drum: pattern imprint 70m2: flags/slabs 70m2 and tarmac 65m2. These are approximate guidelines only and actual figures may vary.

Resin bound drive resealing.

This question was asked by
- Paul Sherratt

Approx. 3years ago I had my drive covered. It looked lovely however the sealant used caused a bubbling effect in a few odd spots.The whole area was re- skimmed. It was never sealed. Can you advise if there is a suitable product available which would be unlikely to cause problems.

I have come across this before, you have to be very, very careful applying a solvent based sealer on resin bound stone, you have to apply several mist coats, if you apply it too thickly you get the problem you had.
Because of this I now always recommend using a water based sealer, because there is no solvent there is no risk off it affecting the Stone.

Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34)

Drew Palin

Endura Faux Fusion

This question was asked by - gary heavisides
I am interested in using this product and was wondering what is the best way to apply this product, I noticed that you sell special brushes to apply stains but I wanted to know if you can apply Endura Faux Fusion with a roller, also does it need to be sealed after application?

The Endura can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer, and yes it does need sealing after, ideally with the water based sealer

Water Based Sealer Matt (WB25) Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34) Drew Palin

Imprint paving

This question was asked by - E.McKone
I have very dark almost black imprint and I hate it, can i make it lighter?

Yes it is possible to make dark paving light,

First you would need to remove the sealer from the surface using the Easy strip (link below). Once this has been done you need to jet wash the surface, then, when dry apply the Eco acid solution to profile the surface to ensure it is porous enough for the stain to soak in, there is a video on the website explaining this, Next when it is dry (90% dry is fine) you can apply the Solid colour stain using the applicator brush following the instructions (included in the box and there is a video on the site). If you are happy with the colour you can stop there. If you want the 2 tone/antiqued effect of imprint concrete you can achieve this by using a darker Smartcolour diluted to 1:6 with water, all you have to do is spray an even coat all over the surface, then as it dries it will settle in the deeper areas to create the effect, as it is drying, if you think it is still to dark on the main surface, misting water over the surface will make more of the colour run off the high spots. Once it has all dried (ideally 24hrs+) you will need to seal the drive using either the WB25 or WB34. https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/EasyStrip-1000-Coating-Remover.html https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solid-Colour-Stain.html https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Smart-Colour-Stain.html https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html Drew Palin

What is the best sealer to use for a resin bound aggregate driveway?

This question was asked by - Graham Felton
Hi I have a resin surface driveway. The stones are coming loose more often. Could you tell me what sealer I would need and the best application kind regards Graham

Hi Graham

The only sealers I ever recommend using on Resin bound stone are our water based sealers (linked below). Solvent based sealers, if over applied can cause the resin bound stone to lift and ultimately break up, using the water based you will never have this issue, regardless of how much you apply. https://www.advancedsealingsolutions.co.uk/Water-Based-Sealer-Gloss.html https://www.advancedsealingsolutions.co.uk/Water-Based-Sealer-Matt.html Drew Palin
Click here to see more FAQs about Water Based Sealer Gloss

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