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Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancers

Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancers
Translucent Enhancer Faux Effect with Translucent Enhancer Example 5 Translucent Enhancer in use Example 13 Translucent Enhancer in use Example 19 Translucent Enhancer in use Credit: Tom Kubista; Farrell Equipment  Sunrise Solid Stain (Base) Light Oak Enhancer Tint Credit: NewLook International, Inc.  Project: Steel-troweled garage floor  Powder Green (332) ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain Base Black (SC-128) SmartColor highlight
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Antiquing effect on imprinted concrete or restores exposed aggregate. Vibrant and natural looking tint allowing underlying tones to shine through


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Restore Exposed Aggregate, Create a Two-Toned Antique Finish & Create a Faux Finish

Use the Enhancer to give your worn, stamped concrete a two-toned, antique finish. It can be used over the ORIGINAL Solid Color stain or existing concrete surfaces. The premium water based and translucent (non-solid) decorative concrete color stain is designed to refresh and revitalize your worn concrete surfaces.
For worn faded exposed aggregate, Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancers is the best solution on the market. 
The water-based, translucent formula creates a vibrant, yet natural-looking colour tint that refreshes the exposed aggregate surface while still allowing the aggregate tones to show through the translucent tint.
It is also used to create a faux finish by blending and layering multiple Translucent Color Enhancer colors. MUST BE SEALED. For additional images and stamped concrete stain ideas, visit the Photo Gallery.

Tip: Use a darker Enhancer color over a lighter base color to create proper color contrast when antiquing stamped concrete.

NewLook® Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancer™ is a premium grade semi-transparent (non-solid) concrete colour stain designed to be used over the Solid Colour Stain™ in a contrasting colour. The Translucent Colour Enhancer is NOT a paint. It is used to tint or enhance areas of relief or texture on stamped concrete surfaces to create an antiqued look. It is also used to create a faux finish by blending and layering multiple Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancer colours and can also be used over traditional Colour Hardeners where powder release agents are undesirable [Offices, Homes, etc.]..

Special Properties

  • Semi-transparent finish easily tints and enhances the stamped concrete
  • Antique stamped, textured surfaces
  • Replicate slate and stone finishes
  • Premium water-based, modified-polymer formula
  • Easily applied with a variety of tools, including the NewLook Applicator Brush and HVLP sprayers
  • Non-reactive, non-acrylic, non-acetone based
  • No VOCs, environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with many sealers

It will not change the texture of concrete NewLook® Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancer™ is ideal for adding interest and variation to

  • interior floors
  • architectural design projects
  • civic buildings
  • shopping areas

and any projects requiring a coloured, decorative floor area with hard wearing properties. Antiqued & variegated finishes are easily achieved using NewLook Translucent Concrete Colour stain as is the staining of Logos, patterns & Borders

Coverage & Packaging

The Enhancer concrete stain is packaged in a easy-to mix 3-part kit and is available in the same colors as The ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain. When ordering reference color name, quantity and size:
X-large (32 oz.) kit covers approx. 55 -110 sq metres
Large (16 oz.) kit covers approx. 28-56 sq metres
Small (4 oz.) kit covers approx. 7-14 sq metres
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Support and Tech Info:

We are more than happy to share our extensive practical and technical knowledge and expertise with you. Whether you are sealing for the first time, an experienced installer or a Specifier with a technical query, we are here to help
telephone: 01204 362828
email: sales@advancedsealingsolutions.co.uk

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Benefits of Translucent Enhancer

  • Translucent finish allows (solid) base color or intended discolorations to show through
  • ​Easy to mix 3-part concrete stain formula
  • Polymer-modified water based stain formula has no VOCs
  • Non-reactive, reliable formula can be easily duplicated; you can bet on the color!
  • Use to touch up or fix decorative concrete stain mistakes

Translucent Enhancer

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Technical Data Sheet for Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancers

Technical Data Sheet for Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancers
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The colours shown are as accurate as reproduction will allow. Screen resolution can affect the colour appearance causing a slight pink undertone on some colours

If you would like us to send you a hard copy of a colour chart please let us know please use this form to let us know where to send the charts

Standard (stock) colours

Concrete Solid Colour Stain 206 Charcoal Concrete Solid Colour Stain 275 Light Grey Concrete Solid Colour Stain 214 Moonrock Concrete Solid Colour Stain 344 Sierra Concrete Solid Colour Stain 213 Caramel
Charcoal 206 Light Grey 275 Moonrock 214 Sierra 344 Caramel 213
Concrete Solid Colour Stain 286 Harvest Concrete Solid Colour Stain 294 Mountain Brown Concrete Solid Colour Stain 244 Terracotta Concrete Solid Colour Stain 245 Spanish Red Concrete Solid Colour Stain 295 Light Oak
Mountain Brown 294 Harvest 286 Terracotta 244 Spanish Red 245 Light Oak 295
Concrete Solid Colour Stain 207 Black Concrete Solid Colour Stain 230 White      
Black 207 White 230      

Safety Colours (Special Order)

Concrete Solid Colour Stain 399 Safety Red Concrete Solid Colour Stain 398 safety Yellow Concrete Solid Colour Stain 218 spring Green Concrete Solid Colour Stain 240 Safety Blue Concrete Solid Colour Stain kings Purple Custom
Safety Red 399 Safety Yellow 398 Spring Green 218 Safety Blue 240 Kings Purple Custom

Our aim is to keep all standard colours in stock and despatch within 1 – 5 days of receiving your order.

In the unusual event that we are out of stock and have to produce a new batch this can take several days extra so please order well in advance or call us to check stock levels

Special order colours can take up to 21 days

Bespoke colour service available contact us here

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cured concrete colour

This question was asked by - Mike thomas
i want to add some colour to some outside cured concrete on a roadway in a green or brown which would be the best product

It really all depends on what you are looking for as the finished product. If you are just looking for a solid uniform colour the the best one to use would be the Solid colour stain (link below), if you are wanting a more translucent or mottled colour or to have a few colours together then the Smartcolour would be best.

Solid Colour Stain (SOLID) Smart Colour Stain (SMART) Drew Palin

Can I change the colour of my imprinted concrete driveway?

This question was asked by - toby graham
Hello, I have an imprinted concrete driveway in terracotta. Is it possible to change the colour with one of your stain products

Yes it is totally possible to change the colour of your concrete.

You would first need to remove the old sealer using the Stripping solution (link below), then apply the Solid colour stain. If you want to just have it one colour then you can finish here by applying a sealer over the top. If you are looking to give it the 2 tone look then Imprint should have you can apply a diluted coat of the smartcolour (a darker colour), allow to dry and then seal. http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solvent-Stripper-SolStrip.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solid-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Smart-Colour-Stain.html Drew Palin

I am looking for the correct colour concrete stain, do you have sample sizes?

This question was asked by - Jason Winslow
Hi I'm looking to enhance an area of concrete and was wondering if you might be able to do smaller 'tester' samples at all? At the moment the concrete has just been laid and is it's natural colour. We think we'd like it to be more of a slate / charcoal sort of colour but not sure, so we'd like to trial a couple of tiny areas first. We also like the idea of stencilling, and considering a grey finish with lighter grey / white-ish pattern. What product(s) would you recommend, and can you do little samples? Kind regards, Jason

Firstly as the concrete has just been laid you will need to wait a minimum of 30 days to allow the concrete to cure before applying the stains to the surface.

You will then need to acid wash the surface to remove any dust or dirt and to profile the concrete to allow the stain to penetrate properly. I would then suggest using the Solid Colour Stain to the surface, this will give you an opaque colour in whichever colour you choose. Then if you are looking to use any further colours you will need to use the Smartcolour stain over the Solid colour. Both these colours are available to by in a 4oz tester size. http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solid-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Smart-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html Drew Palin

concrete staining

This question was asked by - Meriem
I would like to acid stain a concrete floor that has been grounded with 200 grit pads and densified, will the adseals smart color dye work on the concrete?

For the Smartcolour stains to work properly the concrete need to be porous enough for the stain to soak in. Please look at the videos section on www.adsealcolours.co.uk, the last video shows you what you need to look for in regards to the prep.

Drew Palin

Advice on stain colours

This question was asked by - Jon-Luke Kirton
We have a a large driveway (approx 200m2) with standard red block pavers. We would like to change the colour of these to a slate grey colour (we have a period character sandstone and traditional scottish slate house). What products would you recommend for this look to be achieved?

To completely change the colour of the paving is entirely doable, I have linked below the products you would need and if you check out the videos section you will find how to guides for the prep and the application.

Firstly you would need to remove any sealer that might be on the surface using either the Solstrip or Easystrip 1000 for acrylic sealers or the Easystrip 2000 if it is a Polyurethane sealer. Once this is done you will need to profile the surface to make it porous to accept the stain then you would apply the Solid colour stain as a base colour, then a diluted Smartcolour to give the 2 tone antiqued effect. After the stain has cured for 24 hours you will need to re apply a sealer coat. Solid Colour Stain (SOLID) Smart Colour Stain (SMART) EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover (ES1000) Eco Acid [profiler] (EA) Drew Palin

Colouring and staining

This question was asked by - Sam Butler
I have recently made a concrete table for use inside. I was looking at possibly using your smart stain to make it a darker shade as it didn't really come out as dark as I had liked. Wondered what it was like to use on new works. Also was looking at your polyeurethene gloss sealer. Was just looking for some advice really.

Yes the Smart colour will be ok to use and the High gloss PU will give a very nice gloss finish.

In regards to the prep work you will need to acid wash and profile the surface to remove any dusty material from the surface and to increase the porosity (there are a couple of videos on the website to show you what to look for when prepping the surface). Smart Colour Stain (SMART) Eco Acid [profiler] (EA) High-gloss Polyurethane Sealer (HGPU) Drew Palin

Matching driveway colour issue

This question was asked by - Chris Helliwell
My drive laying company has gone out of business I have a 260sq m area which does not match the colour of the more recently laid extra 60 and how much do you think it will cost to get the 260sq m recovered

The Solid colour stain was designed to colour large areas of concrete 1 uniform colour, if you combine this with the smartcolour (diluted) you will get the same 2 tone look that Imprinted concrete should have.

Take a look at the videos section at www.adsealcolours.co.uk this will give you some idea of what is involved. Endura Solid Stain (ESS) Smart Colour Stain (SMART) Drew Palin

Application of Smart Colour for a concrete drive

This question was asked by - Peter Clifford
I would like to colour a newly laid 30 square metre concrete drive with Smart colour (Licorice). Please could you advise the amounts of prep material, colour and sealer (satin finish) required for this. Many thanks

As the concrete is new you will need to leave it a minimum of 30days before trying to stain to let the concrete cure.

Before staining you will need to acid wash the surface to remove any loose dusty surface from the concrete using the Eco acid If you are looking to apply a single solid colour to the concrete I would recommend using the Solid colour stain (medium grey) you will need 1 x 32oz kit to do your area. The solid colour stain will be much quicker, easier and cheaper than the smartcolour (you would need at least 3 x 32oz bottles to get a solid uniform colour). Then finally to seal I would suggest the WB25. I have listed all the relevant products below, I would highly recommend watching the installation videos before you start the job. http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solid-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/WB-25-eco-friendly-satin-concrete-sealer.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Application-Brushes.html Drew Palin

Stain or Paint my driveway ?

This question was asked by - Ron Turnbull
In April or May I want to paint or stain my driveway which looks bland. Would take 10 - 12K to replace :-(( The house was built back in 1971 and the driveway is concrete but has a rough "tamped rough finish". I hear conflicting info regarding painting or staining the concrete. Can you advise me - should I paint or stain ? There are 2 cars sitting on the driveway. Can you recommend a product of yours that would be best suited and how best to apply it.

I would forget about painting, the paint will start to wear off after a few months.

Staining on the other hand (as long as the prep is done correctly) soaks into the concrete to form a permanent bond. I would suggest using the Solid colour stain (link below) as this is the quickest and easiest way to brighten up tired looking concrete. For Prep, mixing and application please review the videos section on the site. Solid Colour Stain (SOLID) Drew Palin

What is the Best Product to Stain a Concrete wall?

This question was asked by - Proinsias
Hello. I have put an inch thick cement coat on top of a block wall and have carved out the cement to imitate real stone shapes. I would like to add a realistic mottled stone finish to imitate grey limestone or slate. Can I apply your product by hand-brush? Would your translucent range be suitable/

Newlook do a specific stain for vertical surfaces called Wallstain (link below), if you use 3 or 4 different colours you can achieve a very nice natural looking wall.

http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/WallStain-Solid-and-Translucent.html Drew Palin

I have a piece of coloured imprinted concrete that I would like to clean and seal. What do you recommend I use?

This question was asked by - John Pascall
I have a piece of coloured imprinted concrete that I would like to clean and seal. What do you recommend I use? Approx 30 sq. yards.

Hi John

Thank you for your enquiry. To clean the paving you are best using a power washer, if there are any oil stains you can remove them using our surface degreaser (linked below). Once clean and dry you can then apply the sealer (again linked below). http://www.adseal.info/AdSeal-Super-for-block-paving-sealer-and-imprinted-concrete-sealer.html http://www.adseal.info/Surface-Cleaner-Degreaser-and-Oil-Remover.html Drew Palin

Colours with Concrete Advantages

When it comes to colouring concrete surfaces like patios and driveways not all products are created equal. Michael Palin, Managing Director at Adseal explains more.

Adseal BMN 2 With summer now upon us, many homeowners are looking at their driveways, patios and other paved areas with a view to realising improvements. For some, it might be case of breathing new life into an old concrete surface where time, traffic and the good old British weather may have taken their toll. For others, it could be a desire to realise something more creative such as a picture, a pattern or another design feature, possibly inspired by the numerous interior design and gardening programmes now on TV. Whatever the motivation, there are different ways of achieving the same goal. Paint. Best known but is it best suited? Paint is a widely used solution for colouring or recolouring concrete surfaces in the UK. But just because it's a common choice doesn't necessarily mean it's the best choice. Certainly paint has its attractions. It's cost-effective for a start both in terms of product pricing and the labour costs needed to install it. In fact, paints tend to be fairly low odour and fairly low in their use of hazardous chemicals meaning they can be applied by the untrained user. Paint also comes in an enormous range of colours and those colours are usually predictable. Putting that another way, the colour you see in the tin is the colour you'll end up with on your driveway, patio or paved area. Paint does have its drawbacks however. These stem largely from the fact that paint doesn't permeate the substrate it's being applied to. Instead it adheres to its surface. As a result, paint can be prone to cracking, peeling and flaking. It can also fade over time. Plus, while paint can be used for some detailing type applications, there are other alternatives out there better suited to the task. Related posts - Acid Etching and Chemical Stains, Water Based Colour Stains.

Sample kits

This question was asked by - Denise
I want to stain a large kitchen/hallway but not sure on colours do you do a sample kit?

Yes there are 4oz kits/bottles of each of the stains which are used as testers/samples available to purchase on our website.

Drew Palin

staining/dying stone.

This question was asked by - Alison McKie
Hello, I have a natural blond sandstone hearth and wanted to check which of your products would be best for colouring it.

Unfortunately the stains and dyes that we sell are designed for use on concrete surfaces and not suitable for use on natural stone.

Drew Palin

Can I use your stains to stain stone splash back wall tiles?

This question was asked by - Diane Lee
Hello, can I stain the stone splashback wall tiles in my kitchen

Unfortunately no, the stains are only for use with cement based product not natural stone.

Drew Palin
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