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Efflock Efflorescence Topical Treatment

Efflock Efflorescence Topical Treatment
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Revolutionary Efflorescence Curing System


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EffLock is a revolutionary product system that prevents and completely eliminates both primary and secondary efflorescence in concrete and masonry mixtures. Guaranteed. The water-based, eco-friendly formula permanently reacts with and binds concrete chemical impurities at the nano-molecular level to prevent the leaching of efflorescent salt, resulting in enhanced concrete performance.
EffLock Topical (surface) Treatment is an efflorescence-curer for existing concrete and masonry surfaces. Using the same nano-fusion chemistry as its admixture counterparts, EffLock Topical Treatment penetrates deep into porous concrete to bind sodium and help prevent further efflorescence.
Also available as an admix in liquid or powder form please contact us here for more information

Coverage and packaging

Efflock Efflorescence Topical treatment covers approximately 20m2 per US gallon.
Efflock Efflorescence Topical treatment is available in 1 US gallon containers
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Support and Tech Info:

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  • Used on existing concrete, block, rendering, masonry surfaces
  • Cures primary and secondary efflorescence permanently
  • Improves the long-term bonding of paint and sealers that are often compromised from an inefficient cure or the leaching of efflorescence
  • Provides an excellent water and moisture screen reducing the moisture from penetrating and creating new efflorescence
  • Very easy to use; Just spray and go!
  • Eco-Friendly, no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

What makes Efflock the solution for you…

  • Ready-to use liquid solution
  • Cures & stops efflorescence
  • Improves concrete density
  • Works with pre-cast, brick, block, pavers, rendering & more!
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Block
  • Stone
  • Rendering
  • Poured-in-place
  • Pre-cast
  • any other cementations products
  • Great for use in virtually all concrete mixes
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