Eco Acid

Eco Acid
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A safe water based alternative to acids Prepares concrete by lightly washing and gently opening the pores in preparation for staining


A water-based, non-corrosive exfoliating cleanser.  It is a safer, non-fuming alternative to harsh acids, that does not require neutralization.  EcoAcid is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous and safely prepares most surfaces by lightly washing and gently opening up the pores for effective staining with NewLook concrete stains or other penetrating coatings.  Use on all newly cured concrete.  Will not kill vegetation when pressure washed from surface.

Available in 5 and 15 litre containers.

Treats up to 5m2 per litre.

Support and Tech Info:

We are more than happy to share our extensive practical and technical knowledge and expertise with you. Whether you are sealing for the first time, an experienced installer or a Specifier with a technical query, we are here to help
telephone: 01204 362828

  • Exfoliating cleanser
  • Reacts immediately
  • Etches and washes
  • Water-based and eco-friendly
  • Non-corrosive

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet for Eco Acid

Safety Data Sheet for Eco Acid
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Sealing dusty concrete

This question was asked by - Jerry S
I have recently laid some concrete which will ultimately be an indoor storage area. The concrete had rain on it while still wet and the finished screed has an unstable surface as the surface cement has washed out. What do you think I should use to seal the concrete surface with so as to give a dust free, hard wearing finish?

Before sealing you need to make sure all the loose surface is removed, this can be done by either pressure washing (ideally with a flat surface attachment, grinding and washing or using the Eco acid (link below).

Once you have got the surface prepped you can then seal it, I would recommend our Super Plus sealer (link below). Drew Palin

Information on how to prepare mature concrete & colouring/staining

This question was asked by - Emery Cooper
I would appreciate any expert information you could provide to me, including indication of your recommended products, for preparation of green and mature concrete for colouring or staining. I wish to carry out a DIY project.

The easiest way to profile any concrete, new or old, is to profile it using the Eco acid (link below) you apply this to the surface, agitate, leave for 5-10 mins and rinse off, once dry, pour a small amount of water onto the surface, if it soaks in quickly you are ok to stain, if it takes a long time to soak in you will need to repeat the process. Drew Palin

Green Klean mortar remover

This question was asked by - Richard Hogg
I am in need of a non acid based mortar remover to apply to a newly laid black/blue limestone patio, is the Green klean industrial remover suitable??

If you are worried about damaging the stone I would probably suggest using the Ecoacid rather than the Green Klean, it will do the same job but it is not as aggressive as the Green Klean. (link below) Drew Palin
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