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EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover

EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover
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Removes paints, sealers, lacquers, latex and varnish as well as graffiti. Biodegradable. Use easystrip2000 on epoxy and polyurethane.


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Fast-acting concrete coating and paint removers to prepare surfaces for Adseal & NewLook decorative products.  They offer easy clean-up with pressure washing using our degreaser.  Especially useful where worker safety or damage to delicate equipment may be a concern.
EasyStrip 1000 will lift most sealers, acrylics, non-acid stains, non-lead based paints, urethanes, lacquers and varnish.  Not recommended for use on epoxies or polyureas.  Use on most architectural surfaces, such as concrete, brick masonry and pavers where sealers and non-lead based paints are present.
Available in 1 US gallon containers.  
Covers approximately 4 to 14 m2 per US gallon
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Support and Tech Info:

We are more than happy to share our extensive practical and technical knowledge and expertise with you. Whether you are sealing for the first time, an experienced installer or a Specifier with a technical query, we are here to help
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  • Biodegradable
  • Fast-acting
  • VOC compliant
  • Easy to control gel
  • Easy clean-up
  • Non-acid with very Low odour
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Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet
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  • Remove concrete stain, decorative concrete coatings, paint
  • Works on concrete, brick and masonry surfaces
  • Concrete sealer and coating Removal
  • Elastomeric coating Removal
  • Graffiti remover
  • Any non-lead based architectural coating removal
  • Any area where abrasive blasting is not an option for environmental, economic or surface damage may be of concern.

Use the chart below to choose the right EasyStrip product for your project

Application Instructions

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Thompson water seal removal

This question was asked by - Simon
We’re looking for a product that we can use to remove Thompson water seal from some concrete coping stones. Were also looking for a product that can stain or coat them to be a dark grey (close to ral 7016)

It might be worth contacting Thompsons direct to see what the recommend to remove it, the only solution we have that will remove it is the Easystrip 1000

EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover (ES1000) As for the colour the Solid colour stain in Charcoal will be the best to use. Solid Colour Stain (SOLID) Please view the videos section for advice on preparation and application. Drew Palin
Click here to see more FAQs about EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover

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