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Bound Stone Overlay - Resin Packs

Bound Stone Overlay - Resin Packs
Weight 5.00 kgs
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Adseal bound stone overlay resin and stone packs. Natural looking decorative overlay resembling a traditional gravel driveway without the mess of loose stones


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AdSeal RBS Resin Pack 3.75kgs (coverage approx 3.00 - 3.60m2)

Natural looking decorative overlay without the mess of loose aggregate

AdSeal Bound Stone Overlay - produces a natural looking decorative and stain resistant finish for driveways, footpaths & architectural features without the mess of loose aggregate.

Bound Stone aggregate can be laid without joints and is fully SUDS compliant with an open matrix structure allowing water to penetrate.

Unlike other systems our price includes both a primer and sealer resin, in addition to the binder resin, enabling us to guarantee excellent adhesion to the substrate and a long lasting surface

The AdSeal Bound Stone Resin pack (3.75kgs) is mixed with an Aggregate pack comprising 2 x 25kg bags of AdSeal aggregate. 

The resin is mixed with your chosen colour of aggregate in a forced action mixer (not a cement mixer). Oncethe aggregate is thoroughly coated with the resin the mix can be applied to the substrate (see Tech Data sheets)
Coverage approx 3.50m2 at 10mm thick depending on substrate profile. 
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The Professionals Choice because

• User friendly, simple to apply & environmentally friendly
• A sympathetic completely natural look offering both protection & ease of maintenance along with excellent underfoot grip
• Increased impact, abrasion & chemical resistance

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Support and Tech Info:

We are more than happy to share our extensive practical and technical knowledge and expertise with you. Whether you are sealing for the first time, an experienced installer or a Specifier with a technical query, we are here to help
telephone: 01204 362828
email: sales@advancedsealingsolutions.co.uk

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  • Ideal for inserting logos, names, etc.
  • Permeable to water whilst shrugging off stains
  • SUDS compliant in appropriate location
  • Excellent CoF (co-efficient of friction) for good underfoot grip
  • Ideal for surrounds to water features & swimming pools
  • Natural look with no loose aggregate
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate and non yellowing
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Technical Data Sheet for Bound Stone Overlay Resin

Technical Data Sheet for Bund Stone Overlay Resin
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Resin bound drive resealing.

This question was asked by
- Paul Sherratt

Approx. 3years ago I had my drive covered. It looked lovely however the sealant used caused a bubbling effect in a few odd spots.The whole area was re- skimmed. It was never sealed. Can you advise if there is a suitable product available which would be unlikely to cause problems.

I have come across this before, you have to be very, very careful applying a solvent based sealer on resin bound stone, you have to apply several mist coats, if you apply it too thickly you get the problem you had.
Because of this I now always recommend using a water based sealer, because there is no solvent there is no risk off it affecting the Stone.

Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34)

Drew Palin

Resin bound stone

This question was asked by - Steve Varden
If I were to cover my concrete driveway with resin bound stone, would I be able to park a 4,500kg Mercedes Sprinter based motorhome on it without it sinking in?

As long as it is being laid on concrete and as long as the installation is done correctly it will be fine to park the motorhome on.

Drew Palin
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