Concrete waterproofer

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Andrew Morris

We have cast a garage base 2 weeks ago alas labourer forgot admixture so looking for a penetrating concrete sealer as a waterproofer from rising damp, therefore can you recommend any of your sealers to fill the voids ?

Pretty much any of the sealers will help to stop damp, I have put links to 2 different products, the first is our most popular solvent based sealer for concrete surfaces, the second is a water based based option (no harmful chemicals or strong smell).

Either will be fine to use.

Block Paving & Imprinted Concrete Sealer SP (BPCSP)

Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34)

Drew Palin

Drive sealant

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Steve Wilde

I’ve just had a new block paved drive laid and I’m wanting to seal it. It’s 130sq.m. and it will have 2 cars and a caravan on it on a regular basis. I’m wanting to proof it from oil leaks and stains but also enhance the colour to a sort of a ‘wet look’ without making it look too glossy. What do you recommend?

I would recommend using the Block paving SP sealer this will do what you are looking for, I would suggest getting 2 x 25 ltrs and 1 x 20 ltrs to complete the job.

Drew Palin

Resiblock gloss sealer

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Sue magee

We sealed our new patio with resiblock gloss sealer, the patio is grey Indian paving.
It is an absolute mess patchy and looks like we have painted old flags!! Will your stripper remove it I noticed an article where someone removed sealant using it

You will need to use the Easy strip 2000 (link below) to remove the Resiblock sealer.

Drew Palin

natural stone paving enhancer

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Please may you advise if you have a suitable product for enhancing existing natural stone slabs without changing the overall colour. Over time, fading has occurred in some areas and we wish to bring the slabs back to their original natural buff colour without actually changing the overall colour. We are looking for a matt finish and, once this procedure has been carried out, we then wish to apply a natural stone sealant. Thank you for your advice and assistance.

Applying a coat of sealer will enhance the colour of the slabs and leave them looking as they do when they are wet.

If you apply 1 coat you will get a matte finish.

Drew Palin

Wet look sealant for slate tiles

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Bill Small

I’m looking for a durable sealant that I don’t have to reapply every year. We have natural slate tiles (sheera modular) and we are after a wet look finish on them. What would you recommend and do I need to prep the tiles with anything first? The total floor size is 50m2 .if you could email me that would be great.

If you are looking for a long lasting gloss finish sealer I would recommend using our High Gloss PU seal (link below), I think this will be what you are looking for.

Drew Palin

Indian Sandstone sealer

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Kerri B

I have just had a patio laid with sandstone slabs. Could you please tell me which is the best sealant and protector for these? Thank you.

I usually recommend the Stone and Slate sealer as this offers a matte finish with one coat or a satin to light gloss finish with 2 coats.

Drew Palin

Kitchen worktop.

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Alan R

I have a concrete kitchen table and am looking for a sealer to give it some protection from stains and heat. What is the best product you have that you could recommend that I use.

For the best protection, I would recommend using the High Gloss PU sealer, this will offer the best protection against stains and spills, it is fairly heat resistant but I wouldn’t recommend placing pans directly from the hob on to the sealer.

Drew Palin


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Pam Hayes

I will need to buy the Concrete and Block Paving Sealer SP, and also the Stone and Slate sealer. As these contain solvents etc. are these dangerous to pets?

They can only cause an issue whilst drying, once it is dry its fine, usually not much more than 2 hours (depending on the weather).
But unless they walk over it as you are actually applying the seal it will only cause a little bit of irritation to the pads, nothing that would require treatment.

Drew Palin

What is the best sealer to use for a resin bound aggregate driveway?

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Graham Felton

Hi I have a resin surface driveway. The stones are coming loose more often. Could you tell me what sealer I would need and the best application kind regards Graham

Hi Graham

The only sealers I ever recommend using on Resin bound stone are our water based sealers (linked below).

Solvent based sealers, if over applied can cause the resin bound stone to lift and ultimately break up, using the water based you will never have this issue, regardless of how much you apply.
Drew Palin

Is your High Gloss PU safe to use on laminate tiles?

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Robert Mckelvie

Hi, just wondering if your High Gloss PU is safe to use on high gloss white laminate tiles?

The High gloss PU should be ok to use, but, it is not something I have ever tested it on so I cannot say with 100% certainty that it will be ok. You would need to test it before applying to the whole area.

Drew Palin