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How frequently should I think about sealing my paving?

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As with a lot of things this is a bit like asking, how long is a piece of string.

There are many factors that determine how frequently the paving will need recoating, the biggest of these is how frequently the paving is driven/walked on.

The absolute shortest period the paving should need recoating is 12 – 18 months, this is with very heavy usage ie. a fully loaded van driving across it two or three times a day, but the chances are that it will last much longer.

Can your block paving sealer be used indoors (on garage floors for example)?

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Yes, if you use a solvent based sealer, and you must ensure there is very good ventilation as there is a stong solvent smell, which some people can find unpleasant. Alternatively use a water based sealer which is almost smell free